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Alberto Oggero

Roero, Piedmont • Italy

Roero, a DOCG in Piedmont, is located north of Alba, on the left bank of the Tanaro river between the plain of Carmagnola and the low hills of Asti. Wine has been produced here since the pre-Roman Etruscan peoples worked the land. It is known for its steep slopes and marine soils, resulting in ideal growing conditions full of oxygen and rich biodiversity. The microorganisms and fossil components of the terroir make for high-quality, mineral-driven wines, and the sandy soil pushes the vines to grow deeper to find water, which exposes them to healthy compounds found deep within the earth.

Wooden wall with boots in front of it and a yellow sign for Roero

As a child, Alberto Oggero would follow his grandfather, Sandro, through these vineyards, spending as much time as he could among the vines. This passion only continued as he grew older, and at the age of 25 he finished his enological studies in Alba and raced back to his home in Roero to embark on the greatest adventure of his life—becoming a winemaker. Alberto focuses only on two grape varieties—Arneis and Nebbiolo—in his three hectares of organically farmed vines. This specificity enables him to best express the identity of his vineyards in Roero and to put forth the complexity and character that he strives for.


Roero Arneis

Vino Rosso “Sandro d’Pindeta”

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