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Barbara Öhlzelt

Kamptal • Austria

With roughly seven hectares on loess and sandstone in Austria’s Kamptal wine district, Barbara Öhlzelt is bringing fresh and lithe wines back to a region more known for weighty, lactic extraction. She has a prime parcel in Heilgenstein to accompany plots in Seeberg and Kogelberg.

Aerial view of Kamptal wine region in Austria, with vineyards on a hill in foreground and a village in background

Barbara farms lutte raisonée, and the work in the winery sees glimpses of a time gone by, with the use of acacia wood barrels. In the Burgundian-like system, there is first a liter bottling of Grüner, light and sappy, followed by the Kellerweingarten from just behind the cellar. Then village bottlings of wines blended across the plots (Zobingers), and finally the single-site wines of Heilgenstein, Seeberg, and Kogelberg.