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G.B. Burlotto

Verduno, Piedmont • Italy

The historic G.B. Burlotto estate, located in Verduno, has been actively producing wine since the mid 1800s, when it was the official supplier of the House of Savoy, the rulers of the Piedmont. Upon founder Giovan Battista’s death in 1927, the estate lost much of its creative head and recognition for a good part of the 19th century.

yellow, red and blue fresco on yellow stucco winery building with red shutters

Only recently has G.B.’s grandson, Fabio Alessandria, brought the estate back to the forefront of the prestige wine world. Reminiscent of the historic winemaking process, all the grapes are pressed by foot treading, avoiding myriad disadvantages of more modern methods. The foot treading avoids breaking the seeds, reducing bitterness and adding to the delicate but complex nature of the wines. While the Monvigliero is the crown jewel of the estate, the Langhe Nebbiolo provides a wonderful entry level to the Burlotto portfolio. Through and through, the estate has recaptured its former glory and stands as one of the true giants of the region.


To Come

ornate wine tasting room with high ceilings and Renaissance style painting
wooden wine tanks
map of Burlotto vineyard
grapes in red basket dumping into fermenter
Fabio Alessandria leading group wine tasting
yellow metal wine tasting tray
black and white wine label with etchings of crests and coins
white wine label with green and red etchings of winery and crests and gold coins