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Camille Savès

Bouzy, Champagne • France

As grower Champagne goes, Camille Savès is an ancient house, founded in 1894 when Eugène Savès, a young vineyard owner in Bouzy, decided to bottle and sell his own Champagne. The estate has remained in the Savès family, and it is now run by the founder’s great-grandson, Hervé, alongside his wife, Nathalie, and their adult son, Arthur.

wooden wine barrels and stainless steel tanks

The domaine now comprises 11 hectares of vines that average close to 40 years of age. The sites are entirely Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, of which about three-quarters are made up of some of Bouzy’s best midslope Grand Cru plots. Generally, the wines have the depth and richness that one would expect from Montagne de Reims Grand Cru Pinot Noir¬–dominated Champagne. Malo is always blocked, and the wines see a minimum of three years aging on the yeast.


NV Carte Blanche Brut

NV Rosé Grand Cru Brut

NV “Carte d’Or” Grand Cru Brut

Vintage “Anais Jolicoeur” Grand Cru Brut

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red and yellow pennant
old wooden wine press
man at stainless steel wine tank
wine label with black text and gold crest