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Champagne Nowack

Vandières, Champagne • France

Flavien Nowack is a young visionary who is following the call of Champagne growers like Cédric Bouchard to make single-vintage, single-parcel Champagne. Flavien is redirecting the parcels in his family’s estate in the town of Vandières to biodynamic viticulture and employing low intervention practices in his winemaking.

white sign for Champagne Nowack in from of post and wire fence

Each year, Flavien picks a new parcel to engage in this process and is dedicated to making Champagne with no chaptalization, no manually manufactured malolactic fermentation, and only natural yeasts from unfermented grapes to kickstart second fermentations. His land is planted to 65% Pinot Meunier, 25% Chardonnay, and 10% Pinot Noir, and the wines he produces are gentle and delicate, with lower levels of atmospheric pressure due the minimal intervention and natural yeasts he uses.


NV Champagne Nowack

Champagne Extra Brut S.A. Sans Années Autre Cru Assemblage

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wine barrels in dark cellar
blue and red graffiti of the letters NWK
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wooden wine barrels getting washed outside
sheep in golden vineyard in autumn
white wine label with black text and large red SA