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San Giorgio Canavese, Piedmont • Italy

In the northwest corner of Italy, above Torino and below Val d’Aosta, sits the Canavese subregion of Alto Piemonte and the Cieck Winery, esteemed especially for its work with the native Erbaluce grape.

red roof winery building

Remo Falconieri, who founded the winery in 1985 and consults for other wineries in the area as well, works with his daughter Lia. Their 20 hectares are planted to indigenous varieties of the region, including Erbaluce, Barbera, Freisa, and the rare Neretto. The family also specializes in making sparkling wines that are hand turned, disgorged and stoppered with corks. Vines are tended organically, and native yeasts are used for fermentations.


Canvese Erbaluce

Canavese Rosso “Tucc-Un” (Barbera/Freisa/Neretto/Bonarda)

Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante “San Giorgio”

green vineyard with trellises
man hand turning wine bottles
pergola of ripe grape vines on sunny day
woman talking next to wine bottling machine
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old green grape vine
green wine label with drawing of a falcon