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Clos Fornelli

Aléria, Corsica • France

In 2005, Josée Vanucci reclaimed the use of 18 hectares of vineyards from her family’s 45-hectare property. Her vines lie some 15 kilometers north of Aléria, on the eastern coast of Corsica in the AOP Corse appellation. The vines are protected and cooled by the mountains to their west, giving the wines a remarkable freshness.

Expansive view of vineyard with young vines and mountain behind

The estate is planted to indigenous Coriscan varietals (Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu, Nielluciu, BIancu Gentile, and more) on deep alluvial soils flecked with schist from the Bravone River. The farming is organic, and most of the winery is stainless or concrete, with just a little old wood for the reds. The goal is to produce wines of ripeness and pleasure—seriously made, but not taking themselves seriously.

Group of people in front of white Clos Fornelli building, from left: a man, a woman holding a child, and an older man