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Cooperativa de Cadalso

Cadalso de los Vidrios, Castilla y Leon • Spain

Cooperativa de Cadalso and its flagship wine Granito del Cadalso are the result of a joint project between winemakers Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia of Comando G and Ricardo Moreno of Cooperativa Cristo del Humilladero.

vista of vineyards, Spanish town and mountains

Over the years, 80% of the original vineyards near Cadalso were lost, and additional vineyards are threatened with the continual push for development. Moreno reached out to Landi and Garcia, and the three men banded together in an effort to save the viticultural heritage of their region by improving the farming and winemaking at the cooperative, so that members could make a living from their vineyards rather than selling their land to real estate developers. Two thousand fifteen marked the inaugural vintage of this new partnership between the Cooperativa and Comando G and led to the bottling and sale of their wine, Granito del Cadalso.


Granito del Cadalso

white concrete wine tank with red top
Spanish vineyard
Winemakers Fernando Garcia and Daniel Landi standing in a rocky outcrop
white and red concrete wine tanks in massive white warehouse
gray wine label with dark red text and elaborate border reminiscent of tilework