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Elio Perrone

Castiglione Tinella, Piedmont • Italy

Described as an enological tailor’s shop, the Elio Perrone estate is dedicated to sensible and painstaking detail when it comes to their wines. Stefano Perrone, having inherited the estate from his father, Elio, believes that the wines are a direct expression of the care and detail that is put into each vine and bottle. Each vineyard is nurtured in accordance with the driving idea that “managing a vineyard is about sensibility, not supremacy.” Working with his young son, Elio, Stefano has established the Perrone estate as one of the most interesting in the region

rubber stopper in wooden wine barrel

Starting with a commitment to creating extraordinary wines, the family believes that “each bottle must express its own original vision or an unprecedented interpretation of a classic.” The Perrone family is determined not to release any wines that do not hold up to their high standards, and only when every last question has been answered do the wines leave the carefully maintained cellar.

With a particular focus on light and supremely drinkable Moscatos, the Perrone estate has certainly succeeded in forging a reputation as a premier contributor to the field. Their flagship Sourgal is both light and fruity, while maintaining an air of the detail that is poured into the process of making it. Debuted in 2001, the Brachetto Moscato–blended Bigaro is a beautiful light sparkling wine with soft sweetness that beguiles the taste buds.


“Sourgal” Moscato

“Bigaro” Brachetto/Moscato

“Tasmorcan” Barbera

lush grape vines on steep hillside
Winemaker Stefano Perrone
green grapes
lush green hillside vineyard on cloudless blue sky day
brown wine label with brown and gray text and orange-white abstract geometric illustration
peach colored wine label with brown and orange text and brown drawing of a badger