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Ezio Poggio

Vignole Borbera, Piedmont • Italy

Ezio Poggio is a true revivalist, carrying an unwavering devotion to the reclamation of Timorasso, one of Italy’s great lost white wine grapes. He wages this crusade in Val Borbera, the Apennines area of Piedmont that borders Liguria, Emilia Romagna, and Lombardy.

lush valley in Piedmont

The area was abandoned after World War II, when the population moved toward the cities hoping for a better life. This exodus left the vines uncared for, and the indigenous grape Timorasso disappeared. Ezio and his sister, Mary, have been replanting and recovering the vines since 2004. The vast temperature range, proximity to the coast of Liguria, and soil structure of clay and limestone help Timorasso excel with exceptional flavor and aroma. The couple were recognized in 2011 with a new designation subarea of “Terre di Libarna” for local and sparkling wine making.


Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Terre di Libarna “Caespes”

Teatro di Libarna ruins
stainless steel wine tanks
group of people having lunch outside at a communal table after wine grape harvest
two men standing behind wine bottles
wine bottle with black and white label