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Saint Bris, Burgundy • France

Domaine Goisot is truly a Chablis estate, but the region of Saint Bris was removed from the appellation in the 19th century after disease wiped out much of the crop. Don’t let the appellation fool you; Goisot produces some of the finest quality white wine in the area. Sharing the same Kimmeridgian limestone and northerly climate as its neighbor a few miles to the east, Saint Bris is now a subregion of Côte d’Auxerre.

dark cellar room filled with wooden wine barrels

Guilhem Goisot and his father, Jean-Hugues, work tirelessly in their vineyards to ensure the best possible treatment for their vines. They believe that the best wine comes from great viticulture, so they strive to provide a natural environment, with the goal of stimulating the natural defenses of the vines against disease. The estate is certified biodynamic.

The Goisots produce a lineup of Bourgogne Blanc from both Aligoté and Chardonnay, and the Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay represents one of the best values to be found in the world for complex Chardonnay. The wines are fermented in stainless-steel tanks and bottled with care to retain their purity and precision. In years with particularly high-quality fruit, the family will produce a special “Corps de Garde” bottling, comprising the best fruit from their best parcels. The Goisot wines are a wonderful expression of the region and its neighbors, and the family creates some of the most interesting and great-value wine anywhere.



Saint Bris Exogyra Virgula

Saint Bris Corps de Garde

Cotes d’Auxerre Blanc Traditionnel

Cotes d’Auxerre Blanc Corps de Garde

Cotes d’Auxerre Blanc Gondonne

Cotes d’Auxerre Blanc Gueules de Loup

Chablis ‘Faucertaine’

Irancy Rouge

grape vine
The Goisot family
vineyard and stony limestone soil
white wine label with brown text and fingerprint design