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Domaine La Blaque

Côteaux de Pierrevert • France

Located in the heart of the tiny AOP of Pierrevert, halfway between the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and the Mediterranean and sitting at over 500 meters above sea level on the foothills of Luberon are the 55 hectares of Domaine La Blaque. This microclimate is ideal for maturing grapes, with the high altitude and 320 days of sunlight creating significant temperature variations, and with soil from chalky limestone to heavy clay offering excellent conditions for Mediterranean winegrowing.

The domaine was entrusted to winemaker Gilles Delsuc and his wife, Laurence, who oversee production for proprietor Pampus. Green harvest is always practiced at the beginning of August to leave only seven bunches per vine, and 4,000 feet is given per hectare, a traditional method to ensure that each cep receives a sufficient water supply.

The domaine practices organic farming, and plowing and weeding are done by machine or by hand, where needed, using the AOP-approved varieties.

Domaine La Blaque bottle label with gold sun logo on blue background