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Luigi Baudana

Serralunga d’Alba, Piedmont • Italy

Luigi Baudana is one of the smallest wineries in Serralunga, and one of the last garagiste estates in the Langhe. For over 30 years, Luigi Baudana and his wife, Fiorina, carried on a long family tradition of winemaking in Serralunga d’Alba. With only 2.6 hectares of vineyards and a humble production of just about 800 cases of Barolo, they were always one of the best-kept secrets in the Langhe.

Baudana’s Nebbiolo vines are located in two Serralunga crus. Cerretta — perhaps the better-known cru — is located on the east slope of Serralunga. The unique soil composition of white calcareous topsoil and deeper red clay beneath makes the expression in the wine all about class and broad intensity.

ceretta vineyard

Baudana — a hidden gem — is really known only among Barolo aficionados. Just three single-vineyard bottlings are made from this cru, and Luigi Baudana may well be the only one exported to the United States. Baudana is the name of the vineyard, of the village, and of Luigi and Fiorina’s family. Their roots run deep, and the family’s legacy is important to this unique place.

In addition to the Barolos, the Baudana estate makes a white wine, a field blend of white varieties primarily planted side by side and vinified together, unlike most all Piemontese whites. Mainly Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, there is also some Riesling and Nascetta in the blend. A delightfully pure and crisp offering.

With no family succession, in 2009 Luigi Baudana entrusted the Vaira family with his historical vines in Serralunga d’Alba. The Vaira family carries on the traditions of the Baudana family, making these three wines from the very same vines in the very same fashion.


Barolo Baudana

Barolo Cerretta

Langhe Bianco “Dragon”

oak wine barrels
dragon wine label illustration
black and maroon wine label for Luigi Baudana Barolo
wooden doors entry to winery
handmade sign for Cantina Luigi Baudana