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Maison Bérêche

Ludes, Champagne • France

This family domaine in the Montagne de Reims has existed since 1847, but it is only in recent years—since brothers Vincent and Raphaël Bérêche have been active at the domaine—that people have started to take notice.

man opening bottle with spray in wine cellar

The Bérêche family have 11 hectares, which are in conversion to biodynamic viticulture, and they use no chemicals in the vineyards. The harvest is all done by hand, and fermentation is in barrel, but they block the malo. Antonio Galloni has written, “Few growers can match Raphaël Bérêche’s enthusiasm. That energy comes through in wines that faithfully capture the purest essence of vintage, variety, and site…There are plenty of gorgeous wines to choose from in this fabulous lineup.”

The brothers employ 10 full-time staff to tend to the vineyards, demonstrating a remarkable and expensive commitment to bringing out the very best of the parcels. This dedication and persistence to the perfect cultivation of the vineyards has certainly paid off, quickly creating one of the top artisanal Champagne houses.

man in vineyard
sloping vineyard vista
wine bottles being hand riddled
Raphaël Bérêche standing next to wine barrels talking
white wine label with black script writing
array of Champagne bottles along the edge of a wall