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Sclavos Wines

Kechrionas, Cephalonia • Greece

Evriviadis “Vladi” Sclavos is a third-generation winegrower who sets the bar on the beautiful island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea. Practicing organic viticulture and his own brand of biodynamics, Vladi farms 6 hectares of low-yielding, unirrigated bush vines on the Paliki Peninsula, where soils are characterized by clay, sandstone, and limestone, and sources another 4 from the unique limestone terroir in the Robola Zone to the east.

cream colored winery building amongst vineyard and green olive trees

Vladi is a low-intervention/natural winemaker par excellence, who celebrates the rich diversity of indigenous varietals of the island, including Vostilidi, Tsaousi, Mavrodaphne, Zakinthino, Moscatela, and the most famous, Robola. What sets this producer apart and provides him a cult following is his ability to create cerebral wines of texture, rich mouth feel, and sense of place.


List of Wines to Come

man staking grape vines on blue sky day
closeup of dark purple grapes getting sorted at a winery
three women smiling with harvested grapes
large wooden wine botti in a dark room
closeup of textured steel
many oak wine barrels
yellow wine label with orange outline, black text and blue crest with figural hieroglyphs