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Venica y Venica

Dolegna, Collio • Italy

The Venica family estate in the Dolegna district of Collio was created in 1930, when Daniele Venica purchased his first vineyard, Ronco del Cero, and a nearby farmhouse. Today it is one of Friuli’s most well-respected estates, run by brothers Gianni and Giorgio Venica and their families.

large wine barrels

Known for highly aromatic whites that come from very specific little microclimates in their 40 hectares, they practice organics, using pheromone traps for insect control and cover crops of grass and fava beans to maintain levels of nitrogen and nutrients. Gianni and Giorgio use solar power throughout and recycle carbonic gas to keep sulfur at an absolute minimum. They use little new wood in production, allowing the wines to keep their texture and aroma.


Collio Pinot Grigio Jesera

Collio Friulano

Collio Friulano Ronco delle Cime

Collio Sauvignon Blanc Ronco del Cero

Collio Sauvignon Blanc Ronco delle Mele

Collio Malvasia ‘Petris’

Collio Merlot

trapping carbon gas in brown tents in a red room
a tile sign on an old brick and plaster wall
tractor with yellow wheels
drone shot of vineyards
yellow wine label