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Weingut Lauer

Ayl, Saar • Germany

The Saar is one of the most prestigious, special, and unique wine-growing regions on earth. The region displays a certain grandiose intensity, while maintaining a very small footprint. Here in this magical land of German wine, Florian Lauer is one of the top producers.

view from above of a truck driving by a vineyard next to a river

Since his first vintage in 2005, Florian has been fighting to keep the local spirit alive and well in his wines. He pushed to reduce the size of the “Kupp” region he occupies, to increase the specific familiarity of the vineyards and allow their special nature to shine through. He can now legally use the older vineyard names such as Unterstenberg, Stirn, Kern, and Neuenberg. He also farms in Saarfeilser, across the river from Schonfels, and he recently replanted the famous Lambertskirch. The difference in vineyards may only be some 300 feet, but the unique characteristics of each are stunning.

Employing natural-yeast fermentations, Lauer’s wines tend to be textural and deep, while retaining the hallmarks of the Saar—purity, precision, rigor, and minerality. Lauer’s wines are mostly dry, but the natural yeast and spontaneous fermentation can leave a little residual sweetness that provides a comfortable balance. Florian Lauer’s attention to detail and commitment to the land mean he is making some of the highest-quality Riesling in the world.

modern white wine tasting room with bottles on the wall
vineyards overlooking the river Saar
Winemaker Florian Lauer withdrawing a pipette from a wine tank
slate rocks
white wine label with black script writing and green circle design